Dr. med. dent. Roland A. Manz

Certified implantologist of the DGI / DGZMK, with more than 25 years of operative experience
Periodontist (Member DGP and BGP)
25 years as private dental expert, thereof 20 years for the Berlin ZÄK and various other dental associations. PKV
20 years member of the Academy Practice and Science (APW)

Other areas of practice and specialties:

General and specialized Oral surgery
Functional diagnostics and therapy
Aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry
Microinvasive therapy methods
Interdisciplinary diagnostics and therapy


can do anything and at the same time her laughter resounds through the rooms

Dental assistant
Dental prophylaxis assistant
Dental administrative assistant

“I like to work, and my professional life is easy to combine with my family. I’m trusted and encouraged, so my work is varied and challenging.”




assists, prepares, has everything in view and also holds the hand sometimes

Dental assistant
Operating room assistance

“My work fills me with great joy, it is very exciting. I experience all stages from conscientious consultation to implementation to more beautiful and healthier teeth.”


Prophylaxis is her passion

“I like the independent work on patients. I have a nice working environment and can continue my education.”




Takes away the fear of periodontal treatments

“I come on Fridays, this is where I used to learn and worked for many years. It has drawn me back to my work environment”.

Trainee Lara

learns every day




We have specialized in the following areas and would be happy to advise you personally.

Aesthetics concern the outer appearance, the functionality and health of the teeth. We will provide you with further information on aesthetic dental treatment methods and costs.

Implant surgery takes a special place in oral surgery, and is a specialization field of its own. It involves the insertion of artificial titanium or ceramic root canals, the so-called implants, in the bone for anchoring/attaching fixed or removable dentures later.

The most common disease is the inflammation of the periodontium (periodontium), which is called periodontitis. This primarily leads to a degradation of the retaining apparatus, especially the bone. This often leads to tooth loss in the long term. The resulting exposed tooth necks are not only unsightly. They pose a much higher risk of caries and are usually very painful. We would be happy to advise you personally.

What help are the most stunning teeth if you can’t properly chew or bite with them? Which is often echoed by pains in the area of the jaw joints, musculature and teeth. This is where modern function diagnostics come in. They enable a fast and reliable discovery of what causes the pain, as well as its removal by myofunctional (muscle-related) and/or function-orthopaedic treatment.

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