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We can offer you virtually the entire field of dental care, diagnostics and treatment in our practice, but also feel co-responsible over and beyond this and maintain active partnerships with other disciplines and clinics.

The rapid developments in science and research affect all professions and scientific disciplines. The combination of all these innovations has a particularly powerful effect in the medical field. One of the best-known examples is that periodontal disease increases the risk of stroke and/or heart attack many times over. Many other cross-links to various other diseases, on the other hand, are less well known.

But the classic medical and dental examination methods still take pride of place at the moment, and are supplemented by the new digital technologies. These appliances essentially deliver nothing but data. The patient-related analysis of these data is one of the fundamental diagnostic services, and largely up to the physician or dentist. Technology isn’t everything, however, without taking an expert and attentive look at the whole patient. After all, a whole person hangs on every tooth (and implant). For this reason, we have been cooperating with a variety of other specialists for 15 years in order to provide our patients with the best possible treatment or to help the patients assigned to us in an interdisciplinary manner. Under the medical specialties listed below, you can get an approximate idea of the scope of these cross-links and our activity in the interest of the patient. We will be happy to provide them with information on site and refer them to the appropriate continuing colleagues or clinical facilities.

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