Various treatment concepts for a complex disease pattern

The term periodontis the medical term for the periodontium. Healthy gums – the right setting for your teeth Periodontitis (inflammation of the soft tissues supporting your teeth) is the most widespread disease besides caries. This primarily leads to a degradation of the retaining apparatus, especially the bone. This often leads to tooth loss in the long term. The resulting exposed tooth necks are not only unsightly. They pose a much higher risk of caries and are usually very painful; especially with sweet and sour foods.

In contrast, periodontal disease, as it is popularly known, is a much slower, non-inflammatory loss of the retaining apparatus with a partially unclear cause.

However, the gums can also recede locally as a result of too much and/or incorrect tooth brushing, due to incorrect loading or high-set frenulum of the cheeks and lips. In dentistry, this process is called gingival recession.

What was once considered unfeasible is often no longer a problem in the age of modern microsurgery. With specially developed surgical techniques, it is possible in most cases to cover these recessions and restore the old condition as far as possible or at least solve the problems. Unfortunately, operations of this kind are not covered by statutory health insurance and must therefore be paid for privately.

Due to the variety of techniques available, there is no standard treatment. Proper care must be planned individually and carried out according to the situation. Even with a large part of the population suffering from periodontal disorders of various kinds, very little is known about them in comparison to other widespread diseases. Our practice has continuously upskilled itself in this subarea of dentistry. We would be happy to provide you with individual and personal consultancy on this complex subject.

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