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One could almost say that implants are already behind everyone’s lips these days, or at least that these artificial dental roots are the talk of the town. And the number of patients opting for an implant or implant-based solution is actually steadily growing year by year. The main reason for favouring an implant is primarily that healthy neighbouring teeth need not be ground down after a single tooth is lost.

Dentist Dr. Manz Denture model | Dental instrument tray

In favorable cases, an implant can heal openly, which means that the gum over the implant does not need to be sutured shut again. The so-called “gingiva former” is then screwed onto the implant immediately after insertion and the gum is plastically attached in such a way that it is perfectly shaped during the entire healing phase. The same is sometimes possible when a tooth has to be removed and the anatomical conditions are so favorable that an implant can be placed in the extraction wound at the same time. In both cases, a second operation can be avoided and costs can also be saved for the patient.

Unfortunately, this is only possible in a small proportion of cases. In most cases, bone augmentation is required, which in turn must heal for at least 4-6 months under the resealed gum. Thanks to the various augmentation techniques developed for this purpose, it is now possible to provide implants to almost 95% of patients on an outpatient basis.

In addition to providing crowns and dentures, implants are also used in orthodontics as an anchoring aid and in the intraoral and extraoral provision of dentures and facial prostheses (=epitheses) for tumor patients.

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