Gum and bone transplants

Gum and bone transplants

Microsurgery for reconstructing a functional unit

Some bone grafts or transplants may involve such an extensive mobilization of the region’s soft tissues that they become even thinner than they already were. The gums must have a certain thickness to enable a good result after healing, however. This can only be achieved by transplanting connective tissue and/or gum. Normally, this can be obtained easily and in sufficient quantity from the palate region. What sounds very complex, however, is in practice a microsurgical procedure. It heals very quickly and usually does not cause any major problems or limitations. In some situations, substitute collagen material may also be used.

For larger bone defects, on the other hand, the augmentation technique described above is not sufficient. To compensate for these defects, transplantation of blocks or thick chips or plates from the jaw bone, usually ascending jaw branch or chin region, must be resorted to.

In the case of very extensive bone reconstructions, e.g. after accidents, severe infections, tumors, etc., this can only be performed in an MKG clinic specializing in this area, as the bone required for this is lifted from the pelvis or scapula as well as fibula, ribs, skull, etc.

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