Bone grafting

Foundation stabilization for foreseeable success

Many patients’ implants can only be inserted in combination with bone grafting as the original bone is no longer provided at all or to a sufficient extent. Depending on the situation, implants can be inserted at the same time or, if too little bone remains, at a later date.

There are a variety of situational procedures that make bone reconstruction possible. For this purpose, one can limit oneself to the insertion of bone substitutes in simple cases. In most cases, however, bone augmentation is performed by inserting a mixture of bone substitute material and the patient’s own bone. The augmented area must then be covered with a barrier membrane and closed plastically and without tension. In the maxillary posterior region, the maxillary sinus floor must also often be raised in order to perform this procedure there. After a minimum healing period of 4-6 weeks, depending on the situation, bone density and primary stability, the implants can then be exposed and loaded.

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