Implant surgery takes a special place in oral surgery, and is a specialization field of its own. It involves the insertion of artificial titanium or ceramic root canals, the so-called implants, in the bone for anchoring or attaching fixed or removable dentures later. But implants are also used for anchoring epitheses (prostheses replacing missing parts of the face), as may be required after extensive tumour operations.

In the majority of cases, the conditions for implant placement are not particularly favorable, but this can usually be compensated for by previous or simultaneous bone augmentation (building up of the local, implant-bearing bone) during implant placement. In very unfavorable cases, a two-stage procedure is necessary, which means that first a bone augmentation, usually in conjunction with bone grafts, must take place in order to be able to perform one or more implantations at a later time.

In rarer, highly complex cases, jaw reconstruction can often only be performed with bone grafts from the hip region. Due to the severity of the procedure, this cannot be done on an outpatient basis like most other cases, but requires an inpatient, clinical stay. In these cases, we refer them to the appropriate specialists, with whom we plan and perform the procedure together.

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