Three-dimensional occlusion and position correction

Three- dimensional occlusion and position correction

The supreme discipline

Not only the ravages of time gnaw away at the teeth, but the teeth themselves.

Overloading, acidic foodcomponents and many other factors can often lead to more extensive losses of tooth substance than can be sustainably treated with conventional restorative therapies. Another increasingly common reason for tooth abrasion or attrition isbruxism, which is colloquially described as teeth grinding. Further causes include teeth grinding and high stress levels. However, based on the latest findings from twin research, a genetic predisposition is also considered. Due to the so-called parafunctions, the teeth significantly lose substance and thus also height, which in turn leads to temporomandibular joint compression and displacement in the long term.

This damage can occasionally reach an extent where a large part of the teeth needs to be restored with partial or full crowns. Given the steady wear, the jaws will inevitably keep changing their position, and will then need to be realigned for complete rehabilitation. These treatments can be very time-intensive and call for extensive experience in the field. As I have been specializing in this type of care, amongst others, for 20 years, I am able to provide this service with a very high certainty of success.

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