Splint therapy


Relief where there is stress and guidance where coordination has been lost

Corresponding splints are the means of choice for disorders of the jaw joints. These have various tasks depending on the splint type. They can be used to relieve jaw joints that have been compressed as a consequence of bruxism, for example, and/or to also reposition or align them, respectively. The insertion of a relief or positioning splint usually eliminates the symptoms in a short time or at least significantly alleviates them. To list the categories and modes of action of all rail systems here would certainly go beyond the scope and would also not make much sense, since a lot of specialist knowledge is required for understanding.

Another type of splints are the snoring splints. These fix the lower jaw more or less strongly in a position pushed forward. This prevents the tongue from sinking into the upper airway, making breathing difficult and causing snoring.

However, there are also types of trays that serve completely different purposes, such as fluoridation trays, which allow you to fluoridate your teeth in a very targeted manner without having too much of the gel needed for this in your mouth. They can also be used as drug carriers for the elimination of specific germs if they have been detected in the oral cavity at excessive levels by special test procedures.

We also create anti-snoring splints, fluoride andbleaching trays (home-bleaching), as well as aligners. As you can see, splints are an important part of the dental treatment spectrum and can be used in many ways.

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