Good function isn't everything, but without it, everything is nothing!

What help are the most stunning teeth if you can’t properly chew or bite with them? Which is often echoed by pains in the area of the jaw joints, musculature and teeth. This is where modern function diagnostics come in. They enable a fast and reliable discovery of what causes the pain, as well as its removal by myofunctional (muscle-related) and/or function-orthopaedic treatment. In some cases, however, the causes may also be attributable to orthopaedic or internal accompanying illnesses (cervical/thoracic spine syndromes, pelvic misalignment, the consequences of accidents, tumour diseases, rheumatoid diseases, infections – e. g. Lyme disease after a tick bite, etc. – polyarthritic and many other conditions).

This is a relatively young discipline that primarily looks at the function of our masticatory system, the so-called stomatognathic system, and its complex interplay with the whole body. As the workings of our body could be compared to a mobile, the entire motor and support system is often also affected, and not just our chewing muscles.

This makes interdisciplinary cooperation and treatment with other specialist medical areas such as orthopaedics, physiotherapy and osteopathy, for example, indispensable for dealing with complex pathologies.

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