Root canal treatment endodontia

Root canal- treatment (Endodontia)

Successful and painless – the new way

Especially in the area of root canal treatments, the change over the last ten years is absolutely tremendous. High magnification dental loupes, operating microscopes and 3D video systems enable treatment results nobody would have thought possible in the past.. They essentially serve the discovery of additional root canals, as these can often cause treatments to fail if they remain untreated.

Almost sensational is the fact that treatment success rates of ca. 90 % are achievable today with the help of automated processing systems, in combination with ultrasound-assisted root canal cleaning and antiseptic rinses following predefined protocols!

We have various systems available in our practice that will be applied as the situation requires to always achieve the most perfect result possible.

Root canal treatments performed in the past were as popular with most dentists as they were with patients themselves. This was partly because they required a very high manual, instrumental and time commitment. On the other hand, complications occurred relatively frequently, which then at least delayed further treatment or required additional interventions or follow-up treatments. Compared to today’s standards, the average results that could be achieved in the past can only be described as “suboptimal”. But there were also exceptions. The result was often inadequate, but also excessively performed root canal treatments and/or root canal fillings. The reasons for this were, among others, the limited possibilities of technology and know-how. As a result, acute or chronic inflammation often occurred in the jawbone and surrounding soft tissue as well as the sinus. Most often, their treatment then required surgical intervention, which is also not a guarantee of success. For this reason, inadequate endodontic treatments and their consequences represent one of the most common causes of tooth loss.

Due to the extremely improved treatment possibilities in the field of endodontics, this has changed fundamentally in the meantime. In addition, almost painless treatmentis possible even for extremely inflamed teeth.

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