Painless treatment

Local pain elimination and mobile general anaesthesia

As regular visits to the dentist with preventive check-ups have become matter of course for most patients, major problems won’t even arise in the first place. But old fillings will still need replacing someday, or crowns changing, which is usually achievable without difficulty using a local anaesthetic.

Thanks to the latest anaesthetic techniques, absolutely painless treatment is possible nearly 100 % of the time. Besides the classic anaesthetic injection, there are also anaesthetic techniques today enabling local pain to be almost completely eliminated without needles. Our “magic wand” is already an absolute smash with children. And what children like is often appreciated by adults in equal measure, as some of them also have difficulties going to the dentist, precisely because of the injections. A subsequent gradual increase of the anaesthetic will lead to a more than adequate anaesthetization relatively quickly, and thus also to an absolutely painless treatment.

With very anxious patientsor after very extensive surgery, treatments can also be provided under so-called analgosedation. This sends patients into a twilight sleep where they are still responsive and can breathe by themselves, but their organ functions are monitored by an anaesthetist. Virtually all dental and oral surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia and nothing but. Should you nonetheless insist on being treated under a general anaesthetic, this would also be possible with the help of a mobile anaesthetist. But the costs involved need to be borne by the patient. And are only reimbursed by health insurers in exceptional cases as they are not insignificant. A possible alternative would be a referral to a corresponding clinic, however.

A form of anxiety and partial pain reduction that has not been used for many years but is currently on the rise again is sedation with nitrous oxide. It was the drug of choice at the beginning to middle of the last century and when there were no local anaestheti Today, nitrous oxide is experiencing a certain renaissance, especially because of its anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) effect.

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