Diseases of the oral mucosa

Diseases of the oral mucosa

Able to take a lot, but not invulnerable – the oral mucosa

The oral mucosa is formed in the embryonic development stage by an invagination of the outer layer (ectoderm). Despite its softness, it is very hard-wearing. Which is why injuries will heal very quickly and successfully in combination with Waldeyer’s tonsillar ring – as long as the immune system is intact. The inspection of the oral cavity hence not only includes the teeth and soft tissues that support them, but also the surrounding soft tissues. Dermatology often relegates the diagnosis of diseases of the oral mucosa to a minor role, as they are usually discovered by the dentist first. They often involve simpler disorders such as minor injuries (aphthous lesions), viral and bacterial infections, etc. But there are unfortunately also some very serious disease patterns that start out in the oral cavity or show their first symptoms and/or findings there. Besides the various malignoma (= malign tumours such as squamous cell carcinoma, for example), these also include leukaemic and auto immune diseases. If any of these are suspected, we will refer you to the corresponding specialists or clinics immediately.

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