Attentively perceive the patient

Essentially, our job description is characterized by three main activities. In addition to preventive care and consultation, the focus is of course on eliminating acute complaints or major problems. In addition to many diseases of the stomatognathic system (mouth and jaw), we are also confronted in dentistry with general medical diseases, as these often affect the mouth and jaw or show the first symptoms there. In order to do justice to patient-centered treatment, first and foremost a fundamental and groundbreaking diagnosis is required, because only when it is clearly understood what is lacking or what is the basis of the patient’s problem can the right treatment plan be drawn up. Therefore, we pay great attention to perceive the person not only dentally, but attentively and holistically.


One could almost say that implants are already behind everyone’s lips these days, or at least that these artificial dental roots are the talk of the town.




Various treatment concepts for a complex disease pattern

Functional diagnostics & therapy

Good function isn’t everything, but without it, everything is nothing!



Wholistic diagnostic

The rapid developments within science and research influence all professional and research fields. The combination of all these innovations has a particularly strong impact in the field of medicine.

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