Minimally invasive filling techniques

This method is used for minor carious dental lesions that cannot be adequately treated with conventional sealing techniques while being still too small for conventional filling methods, or where an unnecessarily large amount of hard tooth tissue would need to be sacrificed The idea behind this special filling variant is to sacrifice as little healthy tooth substance as possible while repairing the arisen defect in a manner ensuring that the treated tooth is fully restored Given that the cavities are very small and often undercut, this process is much more time-intensive than conventional tooth restoration methods, additionally requires special instruments, and most of all a great deal of know-how, sensitivity and experience.

In particular, purely additive fillers are often used after prior conditioning with appropriate adhesion promoters. Damit können zu große Zahnzwischenräume, abgesplitterte Zahnkanten und Ecken und auch Zahnformkorrekturen bei zu kleinen und/oder fehlgebildeten Zähnen (Zapfenzähne im Frontzahnbereich) umgestaltet und aufgebaut werden.

Furthermore, this also includes all minor orthodontic corrections made with so-called aligners, as well as the bleaching of teeth. Nearly 15 years of successful application in our practice doubtlessly speak for themselves. For further information click here.

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