"Artwork in the mouth"

The umbrella term “aesthetic dentistry” embraces all treatment methods serving to improve the visual appearance and/or look of the teeth, but also of the gums (= gingiva). Which is why this umbrella term is divided into two additional subareas, namely the white (dental) and red (gum/gingiva) aesthetics.

White aesthetics

This includes the majority of measures that can be implemented quickly and are clearly visible. This begins with the regular removal of tea, coffee, red wine and smoker’s deposits, as well as deposits caused by medication and naturally (tartar and bacterial pigments). The removal of deposits primarily serves to maintain the health of the tooth and gums. Other simple measures are teeth whitening (internal and external) by means of so-called bleaching (chem. bleaching of the tooth enamel). The microinvasive removal of enamel anomalies, such as white spots, enamel development disorders or minor fluorosis stains, also belong to this field, such as the removal of heavily discolored but functional tooth fillings and discolored fissures with the help of the MIFT (= microinvasive filling technique).

The main field is essentially the restoration of major damage. Teeth with greater damage are then also treated with more or lessinvasive therapy procedures. First and foremost, these include the well-known plastic fillings, which are produced directly in the patient’s mouth using the sandwich or bulk-fill technique.

The highest-quality forms of restoration are the various all-ceramic systems, from which, in addition to inlays, partial crowns, crowns and bridges, highly esthetic ceramic veneers and lumineers can be fabricated.

Another sub-area is, of course, orthodontics. Especially when the existing teeth are almost all intact, simple tooth position corrections with removable aligners (a type of splint) or so-called active plates can significantly improve the esthetic situation and avoid invasive treatment.


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