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Health starts in the mouth!”

This is what we give our best for, trying to help you in the best possible manner. Many illnesses are reflected in the area of the mouth, jaws and face, or can start out from there. Which is why I as a dentist will not only look after your teeth, but also watch out for possible links with, and consequences of, any health issues provided The trust and estimation of our patients always comes first for us.

Our ambition is to provide every one of our patients with just the right care:

We are constantly exchanging our knowledge with an interdisciplinary team of expert colleagues, upskilling ourselves continuously. We take a very careful look at the entire person and stand for a wholistic diagnostic and treatment approach. Diagnostic competence is the keystone of our dentistry.

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Focus areas of what we do

Functional diagnostics & therapy

What help are the most stunning teeth if you can’t properly chew or bite with them? Which is often echoed by pains in the area of the jaw joints, musculature and teeth. This is where modern function diagnostics come in. They enable a fast and reliable discovery of what causes the pain, as well as its removal by myofunctional (muscle-related) and/or function-orthopaedic treatment.

Functional diagnostics & therapy


The most common disease is the inflammation of the periodontium (periodontium), which is called periodontitis. This primarily leads to a degradation of the retaining apparatus, especially the bone. This often leads to tooth loss in the long term. The resulting exposed tooth necks are not only unsightly. They pose a much higher risk of caries and are usually very painful. We would be happy to advise you personally.



Implant surgery takes a special place in oral surgery, and is a specialization field of its own. It involves the insertion of artificial titanium or ceramic root canals, the so-called implants, in the bone for anchoring/attaching fixed or removable dentures later.


Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetics concern the outer appearance, the functionality and health of the teeth. We will provide you with further information on aesthetic dental treatment methods and costs.

Aesthetic dental medicine

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What our patients say about us

I would like to take this opportunity to express my highest praise to Dr. Manz and his team. After an odyssey through several dentists, with endless treatments, I came to Dr. Manz (via positive internet reviews). I still don’t know exactly how, but he managed to get the tooth pain free in a very short time and without root canal treatment. I still have it! ­čÖé

Sophia D.Rating Google Maps

Super dentist who always takes time for his patients and also advises them very well and treats them in the best possible way. The nurses are all totally friendly and nice. Can only recommend!

Anne WandlangRating Google Maps

I felt excellently treated there, I have rarely met someone who is so dedicated to his profession.

Ludwig LeisteRating Google Maps

Almost our entire family is with Dr. Manz. We are really very satisfied. We were all given TOP advice. My little daughter (6) had two super caries treatments and a baby tooth extraction. I am sure the upcoming crown placement and caries treatment will be just as very satisfying. In short: A dentist with whom everyone feels very comfortable and in good hands. Takes time for questions, is very competent and humorous.

Anonymous Rating Jameda